Top performers are not waiting on job boards.  We’ll find her for you.


Good sales leaders and business owners are always on the look out for talented sales and marketing professionals to fuel revenue growth. We find, attract and hire the best professionals for you with our supreme candidate sourcing services.


The best sales professional can join the best sales organization and fail. How is that possible? Most often it is because the assessment of that sales person to the organization’s culture was incomplete or even skipped. At Lucas Select, we perform a multiple point screening of that person’s skills, beliefs and actions compared to the organization’s culture, goals and sales cycle.


Reference checks, compensation planning, benefits description, and other key topics all have to be addressed. We help navigate through these topics during the hiring process. Lucas Select can offload those activities from your organization allowing your management to focus on hitting the revenue target.

Once that special contributor has been identified, we assist in the negotiations and hiring. We work closely with both parties to ensure open communications and clear expectations during the hiring phase.6page_img5


Once you have decided to bring on the new professional, there’s several crucial steps to ensure a fast ramp up time. Our experience in onboarding hundreds of professionals can provide you a faster return on your investment by getting your new employee up to speed quickly. As part of our full service recruiting, we provide a 180 day onboarding process.


Sales and Marketing leaders make the difference in team effectiveness. Our unique recruiting management approach and tools can enhance and multiply the effectiveness of your organization.


World class sales organizations have formalized coaching programs for their sales contributors and management. Call us to help take that fledgling account manager to the key sales executive level that you need.


It never stops. To stay on the leading edge of team performance, we must continuously deliver our promises, assess our performance and look for areas to improve. A learning sales and marketing organization is a productive organization.