Sales and Marketing Recruiting that
Drives Revenue and Fills Gaps

Every day a sales or marketing position goes unfilled, it costs you thousands in lost in revenue—or more! And in this candidate-driven time, top talent isn’t on the market for long. Sales and marketing recruiting is a specialized skill—a generalist is going to struggle to bring candidates with the right skills, experience and technology chops.


SaaS companies with fully staffed marketing and sales teams grow, on average, 68% faster than those with gaps and openings. That’s why Lucas Select just does sales & marketing recruiting. As former sales and marketing leaders, we understand the pressures within your organization—and your market.

We make sure your slate of candidates has both sides of the equation: the know-how and the soft skills and technology chops to hit the ground running and stick with your company. We pride ourselves on excellent retention rates and dramatically shortening your time-to-hire. Because every day these positions are unfilled, it impacts your ability to hit your revenue targets—and it stretches your current staff even thinner.

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sales and marketing recruiter

Ashok Mathur

Co-Founder and CEO

We really value the sales and marketing expertise that Lucas Select brings as we continue to build our team. They care about the long-term goals of our organization and partner with us to ensure we are successful.

And because we only focus on sales and marketing recruiting, we understand the interplay of these organizations and the importance of filling them quickly. You can’t afford to leave revenue-generating roles open, so contact us today to get started.

Sales and marketing recruiting expertise to help fill:

  • Sales and marketing leadership
  • Quota-carrying sales
  • Demand generation/lead generation
  • check
    Inside sales/sales development reps
  • check
    Digital marketing and social media management
  • check
    Sales operations or marketing automation
  • check
    Communications--internal or external

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