Hire and Onboard

Hire and Onboard to Fast Sales Productivity

Hiring sales and marketing performers requires thorough knowledge of your company.  Before starting the search process, we take time to fully understand your company’s culture, benefits, as well as the position’s requirements and duties. This enables us to understand your business goals and organization needs and to effectively communicate to the appropriate candidates. We can handle all the hiring process details of benefits, salary, variable pay, payroll process and performance expectations if required.

Onboarding – Shorten the Time to Productivity

An effective onboarding process takes into consideration the individual’s sales assessment along with business unit objectives, training requirements (product, business, sales), performance indicators and team development needs. Laying these objectives out on a timeline of 7, 14, 30, 60, 90, 180 and 365 day milestones clearly states what progress the new hire should be making and what support and coaching may be required by management.

We provide our time tested, successful onboarding process to the hiring manager with every placement through Lucas Select.

Onboarding Starts With the Individual’s Assessment

Effective onboarding begins at candidate assessment and selection. By conducting a thorough assessment of a person’s skills you gain a better understanding of what may work against him in the on boarding stage. Once the individual is hired the first key step of the onboarding process is to have an open discussion between the employee and his manager about the findings of the candidate screening assessment.