Marketing Recruiting Expertise that Understands your Needs...

...and Moves at the Speed of Your Business

Marketing functions—and the supporting technologies—have changed at a break-neck pace over the past decade. From digital marketing surging forward, to “marketing supporting sales” as the new normal, we understand what it means to have an open position. We don't keep up with the trends to sound cool, we understand how they can impact—and drive—your business. It's why we specialize in marketing recruiting.

As former marketing leaders, Lucas Select knows the pressure you are under to keep your team and company focused while supporting sales, driving revenue, raising awareness, building brands, managing data, generating leads, —and keeping on budget.

marketing leader marketing recruiting

Your team is already pulled in many different directions. Finding time to scope a new position and then recruit for it just isn’t a priority—even though filling the position is. We can help you write the job description, determine the hard and soft skills needed for success and then present a slate of high-performers for you to evaluate. Don’t let the alphabet soup of marketing get you down—from ABM, B2B, B2C, CRM to SEO and SEM—we’ve got you covered.

Marketing Recruiting Karen Morris, VP, Marketing

Karen Morris

VP, Marketing

Lucas Select has been a valuable recruiting partner. They quickly found a Digital Marketing Automation Manager for our Marketing team.

Because we specialize in just marketing and sales recruiting, we know the background your successful candidate will have—and which of the latest technology tools and skills are needed to hit the ground running.

Marketing recruiting expertise to help fill:

  • Marketing leadership
  • Digital marketing
  • Demand generation/lead generation
  • check
    Social media management
  • check
    Account-based marketing (ABM)
  • check
    Field marketing/sales support
  • check
    Trade shows & events
  • check
    Marketing automation
  • check
    Product marketing
  • check
    Data analytics
  • check
    Public relations
  • check
    Content creation and management
  • check
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • check
    Graphic design

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