Sales and Marketing Recruiters Dedicated to Shortening your Time-to-Hire

Open sales and marketing positions cost a SaaS company more than $2,000 per day, on average, in lost revenue. Lucas Select works seamlessly as an extension of your talent acquisition team—focused on just the sales and marketing positions that can be difficult to fill and cost revenue every day they stay open. As dedicated sales and marketing recruiters, we focus on just candidates with these skill sets, shortening your time-to-hire and allowing you to focus on more pressing business needs.


In a recent study, 62% of companies cited that it’s shifted to a candidate-driven market. Your team is stretched thin, so having a partner focused on developing sales and marketing candidate relationships for you is more important than ever.


HR leader sales and marketing recruiters

We work closely to make sure our candidates bring the baseline know-how but also the soft skills and technology credentials. And we understand how important cultural fit is—so your new hire doesn’t just hit the ground running, but they stay to drive future growth.


Because your talent acquisition work has to be spread across the entire gamut of your company’s needs, let our deep network of expert marketers be your secret weapon in reducing time-to-hire and delivering the right candidates for your sales and marketing positions.

sales and marketing recruiters

Daniel Patterson

Senior VP

Lucas Select knew an expedient time-to-hire was critical for our business growth. They really came through with exceptional hires.

And because we only focus on sales and marketing recruiting, we understand the interplay of these organizations and the importance of filling them quickly. We are deeply entrenched in the local and national sales and marketing organizations—ensuring we stay up on the latest trends and have a deep network of candidates who are actively, passively and even not-exactly looking for new opportunities.

Sales and marketing recruiting expertise to help fill:

  • Sales management and marketing leadership
  • Quota-carrying sales
  • Demand generation/lead generation
  • check
    Inside sales/sales development reps
  • check
    Digital marketing and social media management
  • check
    Sales operations or marketing automation

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