Lucas Select’s Co-Founder Talks with FoodlogiQ’s CMO Katy Jones

By Tricia Lucas | News

Dec 10

Lucas Select’s Co-Founder Tricia Lucas talks with FoodlogiQ’s CMO Katy Jones. Katy joined FoodLogiQ in 2015 and served in various roles as a thought leader within the food industry, providing insight and education on the importance of supplier management and traceability across the food-supply chain. recently recognized by FoodLogiQ, recently recognized by Forbes as being one of the top 25 most innovative AgTech startups, is on a mission to change the food industry as the food-traceability technology market is expected to grow 9% annually, reaching $14 billion globally by 2019. It’s no wonder they raised $19.5 million in a Series B funding round that included investments by Tyson Foods Inc., subsidiary Tyson Ventures and sensor-manufacturer Testo, Inc.

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