Lucas Select’s Co-Founder Talks with Pendo’s Jennifer Fentress

By Tricia Lucas | News

Dec 10

Lucas Select’s Co-Founder Tricia Lucas talks with Pendo’s Jennifer Fentress. Pendo, Bronto Software, Patheon, General Motors/OnStar, and Harris Interactive Inc., represent a diverse list of companies ranging from tech startups to pharma to an automotive industry giant. But they all have one important thing in common: Jennifer Fentress, a uniquely talented marketing leader who resides right here in the Triangle.

Read the full article on Jennifer Fentress and her Q & A on Grepbeat.


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Tricia Lucas has over 25 years of demonstrated success in recruiting, marketing communications, and social media and helps technology companies recruit more efficiently by focusing on Recruiting Efficiencies, Employer Branding, and Social Media.

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