Alliance of Women in Tech Leadership – Spotlight Series – Introducing Loren Shumate

By Tricia Lucas | Leadership

Sep 05

Introducing Loren Shumate

• Marketing Executive
• Brand/PR Expert
• Campaign Strategist

Loren Shumate - Alliance of Women in Tech Leadership Member

Meet Loren Shumate, an Alliance of Women in Tech Leadership member and a Marketing and Sales Leader with an envious employer portfolio. Loren worked for leading edge fast growth companies that include NetsertiveZirMed, AllscriptsIBM KenexaQlik,  and most recently, Phononic Inc. Loren’s leadership expertise lies in positioning and rebranding hypergrowth technology companies to create brand awareness and demand generation leading to funding, acquisition and IPOs. 

As Head of Marketing for Morrisville-based Netsertive, she contributed to raising their C-round of 29M through aggressive media and analyst relation efforts. She was one of the first 25 employees for a swedish-founded analytics company, QLIK, that IPOed in 2010. Her combination of direct sales and marketing experience makes her a huge asset as she is always looking at the bottom line and how to get the greatest return for the investment. Loren inspires people to think in new ways and come up with new ideas. It has been said that her motto is, "Let's Go Big!"

Her prior achievements include 13 years in Leadership at FMI, a management consulting and investment banking firm dedicated to engineering and construction. She conducted significant corporate re-brand, increased lead generation year over year, and integrated their content marketing and social media strategy to impact the industry and build the corporate brand utilizing analytics, testing and agile marketing methods.

1.  What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of personally?

I have made a great transformation in my life when it comes to managing stress. For many, and especially working parents, the demands of work and home can be challenging. Often it is juggling childcare with travel schedules, getting kids to lessons, helping with homework; all while meeting the demands of leadership at work and always needing to keep your game face.   Over 10 years ago I explored various holistic practitioners that opened my eyes to the benefits of a whole foods diets, good sleep, detoxing and supplementation. Miraculously I started to feel more energy and my physical stress symptoms subsided.  More recently, over the past two years I have adopted a daily meditation practice and wake up early each morning to pay my gratitude to the day, organize myself and express creative thoughts on paper.  I strive to influence others in a positive way to establish a morning routine.  I am not a morning person but have learned the benefits that waking up early can bring.

2.  What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of professionally?

In my career I am grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to remessage, rebrand, and even recategorize several disruptive technology companies.  There is nothing more rewarding than strategically disrupting a market with a better, more deserving technology, while building a team of marketers and putting the right agencies in place toward that goal.  

What makes me even more proud, however, is that I made a pivotal decision to become a marketing leader in the first place.  Halfway through professional life, I was at the height of a great career in sales I switched to marketing when I was at a place of highest quota attainment.  With a marketing degree and growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, I had revenue-generating “ideas” and a knack for messaging that I wanted the opportunity to benefit others not just my own sales territory. Having a deep sales background has allowed me to be more valuable and credible with sales leadership and partner as “one team” with one joint strategy.  It has proved a great differentiator; more than I ever imagined.  Changing careers was my best leap-of-faith because I am now equally strong in both areas.

3.  If you weren’t doing your role now what would you be doing professionally?

I would be mentoring and coaching young woman in business to believe in themselves, use their voices and find the right balance to achieve their professional leadership goals while managing their needs at home.   As mentioned, I have learned so many best practices from daily meditation, to the benefits of supplementation, that I would like to pass on and mentor others.  I find that many working mothers are very overwhelmed and could use more guidance and support. 

4.  What gets you most excited about the future?

In my long professional career I have never seen the comradery I have seen recently among women in business to help each other as I see right now.  I am optimistic that we have great strength to create positive change and help each other to take on more leadership roles in the business community. 

5.  How has the company changed since you joined?

I recently left Phononic and am currently looking for a new opportunity but I am very proud of many accomplishments.  I replaced ill-performing Creative and PR agencies with accountable, highly performing ones; creating a new metrics-driven infrastructure for the marketing department.   I rebranded, remessaged the organization and launched a new website in only 4 months.  In addition, I used content marketing, influencer marketing, and social media strategies to secure major print and television opportunities for our CEO to include: Forbes, CNBC Facebook Live, CNBC SquawkBox and Cheddar. 

6.  Share something we might not know about you?

I was born in Madrid, Spain and my father and his family are from Buenos Aires, Argentina.  I am grateful for my father’s hard work to come to this country without speaking the language and build a life that gave me such tremendous opportunity.

7.  If you could change something what would you change?

I would challenge more male leaders to open more doors and nurture the qualities of female leadership and communication style.  Too often for women to succeed and gain credibility in business we must adapt to communicate like our male leadership. Traditionally competitiveness and need for status often found in male leadership is not what drives women. Female leaders are often driven by helping others and the connection we make with our colleagues and customers. Often women are uninterested in winning a disagreement but rather want to be involved in the decision making or resolution, which is often misunderstood or even seen as weak.   Women are strong consultants, nurturers, creatives and relationship builders.  In a data-driven world, we are losing a lot of the human elements of business that women bring so naturally. Creativity and branding which often relate to how you wish for a customer to feel or believe about a company, for example, are often taken for granted or disregarded as trivial even with new technologies for quantifying them.  Women bring so much to the table especially when it comes to building trust, mentorship and relationships. Business will win big when gender differences in leadership are truly embraced. 

8.  What do you hope to achieve from your Alliance of Women in Tech Leadership membership?

I have known the names and reputations of many of these powerful and talented women but never had a forum to meet and get to know many of them.  I am humbled to be a part of the Alliance for Women in Tech Leadership and I'm excited for the goodness and support we can bring to each other while mentoring the next generation of young professional women as great leaders in the triangle.

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