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Dec 16
Happy Santa Clause Recruiting

Triangle Tech Connect is a monthly review of local entrepreneurial Technology Sales and Marketing career opportunities.

Quality hires are critical to the success of any business even in December. In fact, December can be the perfect time to find a new position. Savvy managers are planning ahead, making changes, and sourcing new talent now. Open headcount, expiring contracts, new budgets, performance reviews, bonuses, and less competition are all variables that make December a great time for job seekers. Take a look at all the local Triangle companies that think so too.

Automated Insights created a platform to help companies in data-driven industries, including financial services, e-commerce, real estate, business intelligence, achieve content scale, efficiency, and personalization. Simply put their patented Wordsmith platform takes a story structure and a dataset and generates up to millions of pieces of content that sound like a person wrote each one of them individually. More than 200 customers, including Allstate, The Associated Press, Edmunds.com, the Orlando Magic, and Yahoo! use the platform to generate more than 1.5 billion pieces of content per year. They are hiring a Sales Manager and a Product Marketing Manager.

CEO Robbie Allen at the IEIFutureWork Forum

CEO Robbie Allen at the IEIFutureWork Forum

The Betabox Team

The Betabox Team

Betabox delivers on-demand prototyping experiences in custom lab spaces built inside of fully-equipped shipping containers. CEO Sean Newman Maroni states this “We must create alternative manufacturing systems that re-engage the consumer in the process of creation, are more efficient with our natural resources, and are can produce not millions of 1 thing, but millions of slightly different products highly customized to an end users needs. For this to be possible, you must have three things: Facilities, Equipment, and Special Skills. If one can efficiently arrange flexible manufacturing equipment in spaces and give human experts the ability to tap into that infrastructure and contribute time and knowledge into it, you have a distributed factory.” They have a presence in Raleigh, St. Louis, and San Francisco and can provide on-demand mobile labs anywhere in the world. They are looking to hiring a Sales Executive to help them continue their success.

Medaptus, founded in 1999 in Boston, provides companies with a foundation for improved operational efficiency, personal productivity and ultimately, optimized financial performance. They are searching for a Marketing Director for their Raleigh office.

Pendo, founded in 2013 by alums from Rally, Google, Cisco and Red Hat, develops analytics software to help companies build better online products and increase their user engagement. On December 12th, the company announced it has raised $20 million in a Series B round led by Spark Capital. The additional funds will be used in part to hire an additional 70+ employees in 2017 according to CEO Todd Olson. They are in need of a VP of Customer Success Manager, Business Development Manager, and a Regional Sales Manager. Their jobs web page states “More opportunities coming available soon” so be sure to check their site often.

PrecisionLender, a fast-growing client-centric organization based in Cary starts by hiring for character traits like empathy, modesty, respect, trust, reliability, and patience. They provide a pricing and profitability management tool for high-performing banks who need to balance growth, risk, and profitability, to give them the ability to win better deals for the bank, while strengthening relationships. Open positions include Customer Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Director of Marketing, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Graphic Designer, Marketing Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Sales and Marketing Operations Manager, Account Manager, Business Development Manager, Client Development Manager, Customer Success Manager, and Client Success Operations Manager.

PRSONAS, is a Durham-based producer of patent-pending holograms that project brand personality in the physical world so companies can attract, automate, and analyze customer engagements. PRSONAS smart virtual presenters use artificial intelligence and computer-generated visual technologies to interact with customers and gather valuable user analytics in the physical world. PRSONAS can deliver marketing messages, provide customer support and conduct commerce anywhere, anytime and in any language. If this sounds intriguing then be sure to check out their Business Development position.

Samanage was founded in 2007, is privately held, and headquartered in Cary. Their enterprise service management software accelerates efficiency and visibility into services requested and delivered across an organization, making it easy to continuously streamline process improvement and greater productivity. In other words, Samanage gives organizations the ability to quickly deliver the services that employees need to get work done.  Former Windsor Circle Marketing Executive Andrew Pearson has joined the team and is hiring. Open positions include Director of Website and Creative, Email and Inbound Marketing Strategist, Marketing Communications Manager, Community Manager, and a Sales Operations Manager.

S&A Communications is a full-service integrated marketing communications agency. Their clients come from nonprofits, technology, professional services, government and municipal, higher education, property and construction, and healthcare sectors. As a provider of strategic marketing, B2B marketing, consumer advertising and promotions, market research, event management, they are in need of a savvy Account Executive to join their team in Cary.

Zift Solutions, a provider of channel marketing automation software, is looking for a Customer Success Manager to manage, maintain, and build strong customer relationships with our customers. You will oversee the day-to-day operations of select accounts, optimize performance and maintain solid client relationships. Other open positions include Web and Graphic Designer, Channel Engagement Manager, and Product Manager.

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The Frontier

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