Alliance of Women in Tech Leadership – Spotlight Series – Introducing Cynthia Abbott

By Tricia Lucas | Alliance of Women in Technology

Mar 18

Introducing Cynthia Abbott!

•  Marketing Communications
•  Change Agent
•  Certified Coach

Alliance of Women in Tech Leadership Cynthia Abbott

Cynthia Abbott-Alliance of Women in Tech Leadership Member

Meet Cynthia Abbott, an Alliance of Women in Tech Leadership member and Marcom magician. This creative, collaborative, forward thinking leader comes with an impressive portfolio that includes IQVIA, Cisco, Young Presidents' Organization (YPO), Cylance, Polycom, and Aviat Networks.

She has held executive level and management positions in the fields of marketing, communications, business development, and sales in Life Sciences, Cybersecurity, Telecommunications, and Computer Networking. Cynthia is at her best when she is breaking status quo and leading an organization through a transformational change, while building consensus among large, dispersed stakeholder groups to move initiatives forward. She has partnered with small to large Fortune 500 companies to help them communicate more effectively resulting in the growth and expansion of their businesses.

Cynthia holds a Master of Administrative Science degree in Management from Johns Hopkins University. She also has completed certificate programs in human resources management, professional development and holds a certification in change management. She is also a certified professional coach and is currently working on a certification in positive psychology and well-being. Her goal is to help companies create positive, healthy work environments to help employees and companies achieve their highest level of success.

Her specialties include Corporate Marketing and Communications Strategies, Storytelling, Public Relations, HR Communications, Brand Messaging, Cultural and Leadership Communications, Change Management, Team Development, and Coaching.

Get to know more about this dynamic Marcom leader in our Q & A.

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1.  What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of professionally?

My passion is helping leaders become better leaders and individuals achieve their highest potential. I am proud and grateful I had the opportunity to do both in my career as a leader. A few years ago, I had the amazing opportunity to become the CMO of a not-for-profit. During my tenure at YPO, I was able to gain leadership insights from many great CEOs and leaders and apply these learnings to my own leadership. These learnings taught me how to become a more authentic leader through compassion, empathy, trust and seeing the potential in others. As a result, I was able to turnaround a team of 20 individuals into a high performing team focused on their strengths and giving them the coaching, tools and opportunities to excel.

2.  What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of personally?

Being the first in my family to go to college and receive a bachelors and masters degree. I am a life-long learner and love to learn and expand my knowledge on many different topics. Over my career, I have taken courses and certifications in leadership development, change management, workplace wellness, human resources management and positive psychology.

3.  What does the perfect next role for you look like?

I imagine my next perfect role would be working as a global business executive in a high growth innovative company whose foundation is built on challenging the status quo.  I thrive in a culture where I can work with passionate, forward thinking and dynamic teams on a variety of exciting and challenging projects. As an out of the box thinker, I gain personal satisfaction from helping organizations tell their unique story through creative marketing and communications strategies that maximize brand value and profitability. 

4.  What gets you most excited about the future?

Every day I see headlines focused on attracting and retaining good talent. The challenge is creating work environments that potential and existing employees find rewarding, meaningful and decent. What’s exciting is more and more business leaders are looking at ways to create positive and rewarding work environments that help employees thrive. I feel there is a huge opportunity as a corporate communications consultant and coach to help leaders transform their organizations to attract and retain talent through technology, compassionate leadership and authentic communications.

Cynthia Abbott-Alliance of Women in Tech Leadership

5What were you like in High School?

I was a curious, outgoing and adventurous. I loved to be creative, and imaginative. I loved that there were so many possibilities. I tried different things outside of school. Ballet, music recording, art, scuba diving, painting, fashion design. I believe my sense of curiosity and creativity has served me well in my career and life.

6.  Can you share any advice for those managing in the multi-generational workforce?

Every generation has something valuable to contribute to an organization. I have managed highly successful diverse teams ranging from millennials to baby boomers where each member brought their own set of unique skills, strengths and talents to the organization. My advice is don’t let societal or personal biases cloud your judgement on who you should have in your workforce. Also, when communicating to a multi-generational workforce, be mindful of how each generation learns and processes information. It's not one size fits all. That is the beauty of a multi-generational workforce – diversity! Use diversity to your competitive advantage.

7.  Share something we might not know about you?

I am an Invicta watch enthusiast and collector. My husband got me hooked on this brand two years ago. Ever since then, I have collected numerous watches. I love the uniqueness of each watch and the story behind the company. I am intrigued how Invicta markets their brand and how they continue to grow their large, loyal customer base.

8.  If you could change something what would you change?

I spend more time volunteering for causes that I am passionate about such as helping the elderly.

9.  In 10 years where do we find Cynthia?

Continuing to do meaningful and fulfilling work either in an organization or in my own practice. As a life-long learner, I see myself continuing with formal and experimental learning.

10.  What do you hope to achieve from your Alliance of Women in Tech Leadership membership?

Meet and connect with smart, supportive women who help each other thrive to become better leaders, and people. We help each other by offering support, share best practices and ideas and have fun together. I have met so many wonderful women and created new friendships through the Alliance of Women. Together is better!

Alliance for Women in Tech Leadership

Alliance of Women in Tech Leadership

Our professional woman’s peer group is designed for strong successful leaders in the Triangle. Members include executives in sales, marketing, and business development type roles in technology, pharma, biotech, and healthcare. Our group provides a confidential place to share best practices, discuss strategies, and address business challenges. We share successes, tools, vendors, networks, talent, and ideas that can help each of us grow and develop professionally.

Through our passion, enthusiasm, talent, innovation, recruiting, and success, Women in Tech Leadership support, mentor, and empower one other. We also support one another during trials and transitions, through coaching, collaboration, and resources. Our members are building healthy relationships and stronger networks, creating stronger personal brands, recruiting and retaining talent, positioning ourselves as thought leaders, and communicating with confidence.

We believe in candor and confidentiality, creativity and concision, confidence and circumspection. We believe in taking risks and grasping opportunities that challenge the limits of our capability, and encouraging others to do the same. We believe in winning with integrity, through inspiration and leadership.


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