Alliance of Women in Tech Leadership – Spotlight Series – Introducing Sallyann Hulick

By Tricia Lucas | Leadership

Oct 15

Introducing Sallyann Hulick!

• CMO• Certified Coach• CMO Panelist

Sallyann Hulick

Meet Sallyann Hulick, an Alliance of Women in Tech Leadership member and Chief Marketing Officer at BSA LifeStructures, recently recognized as a top ten architecture firm in the Triangle.  BSA LifeStructures has created facilities for some of the nation’s top healthcare, higher education and research institutions. Dedicated to progressive and sustainable design, the firm has designed a number of LEED-certified buildings, as well as facilities planned to accommodate the future growth and evolution of the institutions that use them. They have offices in Atlanta, Austin, Denver, Indianapolis, Kansas City, St. Louis, and in 2015, the Raleigh office on Glenwood opened.

Sallyann’s spotlight is timely because BSA certainly has something to celebrate this month. “We are excited to announce BSA LifeStructures is officially certified by CertifiedEO as a 100% employee-owned firm! Our employees are excited to celebrate Employee Ownership Month and we have planned activities each week during October.”

Her prior achievements include 13 years in Leadership at FMI, a management consulting and investment banking firm dedicated to engineering and construction. She conducted significant corporate re-brand, increased lead generation year over year, and integrated their content marketing and social media strategy to impact the industry and build the corporate brand utilizing analytics, testing and agile marketing methods.

This Triangle AMA CMO Panelist also spent time as a sole proprietor producing high-profile product launches, medical education programs, and events with budgets of up to $1.5 million and audiences from 200 to 3000 participants. Her clients included Glaxo Wellcome, Caribiner, Kaleidoscope Productions, Cline-Friedman Productions, and Mercedes-Benz.

I first met Sallyann years ago through a Triangle AMA networking event. We kept running into one another after that and it wasn’t long before we became friends and fellow CAbi connoisseurs. Sallyann is so approachable and so genuine with natural people skills and an intuitive leadership style.  She is passionate about developing talent through mentoring and coaching and is a Gallup Certified StrengthFinders Coach. She has been a tremendous asset to the Alliance members-just ask Alliance member Angela Connor.

1.  What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of personally?

The women and men I have had the opportunity to mentor, guide and cheer in their life’s pursuits.

2.  What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of professionally?

Resilience – regardless of the professional challenge set before me, I believe that I will turn it into a positive.

3.  If you weren’t doing your role now what would you be doing professionally?

The thing that really energizes me is mentoring and supporting others in their career and their goals. In addition to my role as chief marketing officer at BSA, I am also a Gallup-certified StrengthsFinder Coach. In the firm, we are implementing a Strengths-based culture throughout our teams. With a concentration on what people naturally bring to their work, the team excels, the end product is improved, and employee engagement rises. If I wasn’t in marketing – I would be pouring my energy into guiding others in their pursuits.

4.  What gets you most excited about the future?

Every day is a gift. Some days are filled with new and exciting opportunities. Some may be more challenging. But the fact that we can all put our heads together and work toward common goals is exciting.

5.  How has the company changed since you joined?

We have had a multitude of changes – not all due to my arrival though. Things specifically attributed to my area – we launched a new website, did a complete rebrand, raised the level of our content, increased our presence in our industry and in our markets. We are really making ourselves known and driving our mission.

Last year we became 100% employee owned and that brings a huge shift in what we were already doing with empowerment across the firm. As owners we are all engaged in how to move us closer to our firm-wide goals.

In addition, we have increased and targeted our giving back program. We are just about to start an incredible project with a partner that will improve healthcare in a poverty struck area in Ghana. On a local level our team is so excited to continue working with LLS on the Light the Night event, Hard hats for Heart and Rebuilding the Triangle Together.

There is so much more. It is an exciting time to be at BSA LifeStructures.

6.  Share something we might not know about you?

Well that’s hard – I didn’t start talking until I was 2 and then I just started talking in sentences. Now, some would say, I don’t stop talking.

7.  If you could change something what would you change?

I would have you ask easier questions!

If only we would all be a little kinder…

8.  What do you hope to achieve from your Alliance of Women in Tech Leadership membership?

Building a strong network of women who share insight, support and encouragement with one another.

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