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Aug 03

How to Stay Employed

By Tricia Lucas | Career Tips

We’ve all been there… trying to answer how to stay employed in today’s market. The seemingly endless and dreaded job search. Most of us aren’t eager to repeat that process anytime soon. Unfortunately, we are not always in control and in today’s market, being downsized is much more common. So how do we make unemployment […]

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Apr 27

Don’t Condemn Job Hoppers

By Tricia Lucas | Leadership

Many hiring managers still say they won’t consider an applicant if the individual has moved around too much during their career. Recruitment firm Robert Half interviewed 200 bosses about whether a large number of job changes would make them suspect a candidate might lack staying power. Thirty-six percent of the executives admitted they were ‘very […]

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Jul 21

Changing Company Culture – How I Learned the Hard Way

By Tricia Lucas | Leadership

There are many factors that influence the culture of an organization: size and stage of the business, organizational structure, industry in which it operates, physical working environment, external environment factors (economic, social), and most importantly the leadership. Have you ever wondered how to change a toxic work environment. Any efforts to create or change a […]

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